How long does it take for a company to decide to hire you?

On average, the job offer process takes five to seven days. Rarely, an employer might leave you waiting several weeks before receiving a job offer. There is almost always more than one person involved in an employer's hiring decisions, which can cause additional delays. Each employer's hiring process varies in terms of the amount of time spent finding a candidate.

Some may choose to hire you 24 to 48 hours after the interview if they are impressed with your performance and work experience or if there is high demand to fill the position. It can take weeks for a larger company to hire a candidate, depending on the number of people interviewed for the position and whether they need to fill other positions first. The amount of time from the interview to the job offer varies. For college graduates, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Hiring Benchmarks Survey reports that employers who hire new college graduates take an average of 24 days to extend a job offer after an interview.

Realistically, in many places, recruitment takes weeks, sometimes more than a month. Logistical problems, industry-specific processes or factors unique to a given position influence the delivery time from the job advertisement to the formal offer. However, while the long and lengthy process can be frustrating, it can have an advantage if candidates stay there during the hiring marathon. Let's say that one of the main candidates interviews four companies and that those four companies, including yours, are interested in that candidate.

Take the necessary steps to first identify the best candidates in the market and then streamline your hiring process so that those candidates maintain their commitment until you can successfully recruit and hire them. On the contrary, moving quickly through the hiring process can “result in poor hiring and result in dismissal,” Adams says. If the employer has made the quick decision not to hire you, then you really don't need to spend as much time getting to know you afterwards. While some sources say you'll receive a job offer within 24 to 48 hours, this is a rare occurrence and would only happen for entry-level positions that have difficulty hiring.

In fact, nearly a quarter, 22.5%, said they hadn't made a decision about a candidate at the end of the interview and that they had to decide later.

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